Believe in each individual's drive & inherent ability to better themselves.

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How do we do what we do

Impelligence makes the individual become (more) aware of their own abilities in simplistic concepts which can be applied with immediate effect in the work space & personal life.

For the Corporate

For the Individual

What We Do

Training & Coaching

New manager skills training and team workshops on performance improvement


Customized Series of
Talks & Engagements

Talent Sourcing

To help identify the talent you need

Tech Advisory/Solution

Whether it is HR Analytics or Process Automation to alleviate manpower issues

Candidate Interview Preparation
Problem Solving Skills
Managing your job search
Your Job is how to find a job
Thus, your current JD includes...
Manage your Profile
Structure your résumé/CV
Tune your online profile & presence
Job Coach
Do your job (Time Management Matrix)
Personal Development & Motivation (SWOT)
Setting KPIs & Tracking (SMART)

Contact Information

With Hong Kong as base of operations, we extend our services across multiple countries within Asia.

Depending on your time zone, please allow at least 36 hours to respond to your enquiry.